The Power of Stories

Stories are great for understanding the world, gaining perspective, and informing yourself. It helps you take on different points of view, create ideas and solutions, contextualise ideas and understand feelings.What stories do you tell yourself? And your children?

This summer why not read to your children. Whether it’s before bed, over the breakfast table, or whilst out for a walk, tell them a story. This isn’t a one way reading though.Take this opportunity to have a conversation with yourchildren. Be a model and start sharing what the story means to you. Then listen to what it means to them. They will probably have a different perspective to you. That’s great – we are all individuals after all.

Whether reading, writing, or listening, the important part of all of this is the thinking and emotions that you generate after you leave the page. If a tiny fraction of thought, feeling, inspiration stays with you…. the story has done well. That particle of inspiration will grow inside you and help you understand you and your surroundings just a little bit better.

If you want to read more Francesca has written an article for Parents Magazine on what today’s children can learn from Enid Blyton, and a piece here about Bibliotherapy.

What story do you tell yourself? If you’re ready to change it Rapid Transformation Therapy can help.