Weight Management


There has been a vast amount of research into the benefit of hypnotherapy on weight management. Science has shown that by changing underlying beliefs and actions, healthy bodies can be achieved. Hypnotherapy is not the answer on its own, but it will help us to get there.

For the last 20 years there has been consistent and significant exposure to diets, healthy eating, understanding effects and consequences of weight, and the importance of exercise. However, more and more people are experiencing difficulties with eating. According to Public Health England, around two thirds of UK adults are overweight or obese. At the same time we find that eating disorders are on the rise. I have searched the web finding evidence of long-term benefits of dieting and health messaging. Unfortunately, I haven’t found much. What I have found are studies and articles pointing in an opposite direction.

Underlying poor eating behaviours are a range of emotional beliefs that drive us there. In some cases it might be to manage stress, or to fill ourselves in some way to make up for feeling empty in others. Some people reach for food when they are angry, or restrict it to punish themselves. For others it is to help them feel enough – filled up, and for some cases is a response to anger or stress. Whatever it is, we can’t change our approach to eating until we change those beliefs.

During our hypnotherapy session we will work to identify the right way for you to change your approach to food, exercise and weight. This means, finding the right weight for your body, the right balance of food and exercise to get you there, and most importantly, the right approach ensuring you can take on healthy and positive habits without jeopardising your enjoyment of life.

We will ensure that you experience the powerful elements of the hypnotherapy process and are equipped with the skills and beliefs to live a new healthy lifestyle.

You’ll be aware of those behaviours and limiting beliefs that brought you here and be empowered with the understanding of your new set of beliefs – the ones that make you unique and powerful. I offer an individual approach and understanding of your own personal nutritional, health and lifestyle needs. You’ll find that you have confidence embedded within that you can and will achieve your goal and love and enjoy your life.

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