Therapy for Children


Six years ago I defined my personal mission like this: to support parents and children to achieve their true goals and happiness. Today this sentence is as true as it was then. I still want to enable young people to live vibrant, happy and healthy lives, and give them the confidence and tools that will continue on into adulthood. That’s why I set up Helping Kids.

Over five 1:1 coaching sessions we have work with young people to overcome any difficulties and acquire the self-awareness and techniques to help them for life, building their confidence and resilience.

Life coaching helps young people to deal with emotional limitations that stop them from achieving their goals and enjoying their life. Through the programme, we help the young person builds their confidence to overcome any situation.

The sessions are fun, personal and engaging. We use age appropriate games and activities to ensure we build a strong relationship in which the person can feel safe to explore their feelings.

The approach varies significantly depending on the age and maturity of the young person. From around 10 or 11 years old we can have a more structured conversation, whilst younger children will require more activities and games.


The programme consists of three main stages:

Stage 1: Build a relationship of mutual trust and understanding. We will use the most relevant approach to each person. It can be playing, drawing or open dialogue. The goal is to ensure they feel emotionally safe to explore their feelings.

Stage 2: Place them in a position of strength. Build their confidence by focussing on what they do well. We create tailored techniques to help them be calmer, focused, motivated and confident. We all have talents and abilities, and we increase their self-awareness of these. They will regain their confidence and emotional strength.

Stage 3: Address the root cause. Only when they are emotionally strong enough and have enough self awareness, we will work on identifying the limiting beliefs, fears or causes of anxiety and reframing them in a constructive way to allow them to move on with life. This will further reinforce their confidence and boost resilience.

After each session the parents will receive the notes from the session.

The sessions last for an hour and take place in our consultation room in Ealing. Home visits tend to produce slower results, but in very special cases it can be done. Our approach will vary significantly from child to child depending on their emotional state, existing skills and awareness.


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I want to help you to live the life that you want and am committed to a personal approach that works for you. For that reason, I am always happy to speak with you before a session and answer any questions that you have. Please get in touch for your free consultation.

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