Hypnotherapy brings you into a deep state of relaxation. It’s not sleep, but it can help you to fall asleep. Often we find it hard to fall asleep due to an overactive mind and heightened stress levels. Hypnotherapy helps you to quieten the mind and find the place within that calms you.


I’ve seen many people get very stressed at being unable to sleep. The irony is, this just makes it harder. The more worked up we get, the harder it is to drift off.


There might be certain negative thoughts you have about yourself that stop you from being able to switch off. You may have a pattern of habits that make lying awake at night normal. You might not even know the reason behind your insomnia.


In our session we will work together to identify what it is that is stopping you from switching off and relaxing, and then set up ways to change it. We will help you access the state of relaxation that facilitates a good night’s sleep. Both hypnotherapy and sleep involve entering the state of REM, or Rapid Eye Movement. It’s a calm state where your subsconscious is accessed, and where your ‘inner programming’ takes place. Here the thoughts, beliefs and ideas that keep you awake can be adjusted. Through the recording you will be able to access it when you are back in your every day life.

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