I genuinely believe that we all have it within us to live happy, successful and enjoyable lives. The thing that holds us back is not a lack of talent but self belief. It’s not that we lack motivation because we are lazy, but that the ingrained belief that we are just not good enough stops us taking action in the first place.


In hypnotherapy we work to change that belief. We explore where it came from, acknowledge why it developed – and then leave it in the past. We work on building the resources to move to the future. Whatever it is that you want to achieve hypnotherapy can help you to get there.


In our session we will define and visualise your goal, challenge the thoughts that stop you from moving towards us, and build new beliefs and tools to achieve your goal. I’ll help you to get excited and energised about the future and support you on the first steps to getting there.


Everyone has individual aims and so each session is tailored to your needs. If you’d like to know more about hypnotherapy or coaching, please get in touch.

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I want to help you to live the life that you want and am committed to a personal approach that works for you. For that reason, I am always happy to speak with you before a session and answer any questions that you have. Please get in touch for your free consultation.

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