Fears & Phobias


Most phobias aren’t really about the ‘thing’ at all. Rationally, we know that a house spider won’t harm us, or that flying is actually one of the safest form of travel. But whilst fear is a natural response caused by real danger, phobia can be interpreted as an irrational fear, or fear with no logical reason behind it.


However, the brain and body respond in the same way, regardless of logic. We’ve evolved to either ‘fight’ or seek ‘flight’ in response to potential danger, and in the modern world,the primal and physiological response occurs regardless of whether there’s any real threat. The amygdala is triggered, which is what leads sweaty palms, trembling, loss of breath, and all the other physical signs of fear. Even when there’s nothing really to be scared of.


Phobias often build up over time. They become ingrained in our brains and it’s very difficult to unwind them. Knowing there’s no real danger on a logical level doesn’t help, and may even cause more anxiety and shame.



In hypnosis we will deconstruct the beliefs and identify the root causes that trigger a fear response. We will build new ways of dealing with threats on a conscious and subconscious level. In the process you will find a state of calm, and be taught how to access that place when faced with your phobic trigger. You’ll be able to regain control over your responses, and over your life. Many people quickly find that they can deal in a calm way with situations or objects that once caused real distress. Please get in touch to discuss how hypnotherapy can help you.

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