Dealing with tough times

There have been a number of events recently that we’ve all found it hard to deal with. It’s difficult to know what to do when tragedies occur, and the impact can be both direct and indirect, immediate and long term.

Here are a few ways to help deal with a difficult situation.

Talk or Don’t Talk. It’s an individual decision. Respect other people’s decisions and ask them to respect yours. While for some people talking about the event has a healing effect, for others it becomes the source of more stress. If a child doesn’t want to talk about the event, let it be but monitor their behaviour and patterns. Look for signs of worry, any spontaneous and unusual outburst of tears or temper, changes eating or sleeping patterns. If any of these happen, it is time to have a conversation or ask for help.

Stay connected with your support network (e.g. family, friends) and make an effort to maintain a healthy social environment around you that combines a variety of activities, groups and locations.

If possible, try to maintain as much of your normal routine as you can. Be aware of your emotions and feel free to give yourself breaks and time to stop and think if needed.

Keep active and moving. Exercise is great for you physically and mentally.

Keep aware of your responses and learn how to self regulate your emotions. Keeping calm and focused using small techniques such as conscious breathing can have a big impact on your sense of wellbeing.